Web Applications

Web-based applications are the new standard of application development.

They allow the same results that a desktop application offers to be attained, but with one difference – there is no limitation regarding the number of workstations that can use the application. Web-based applications are run on a server and accessed via either the internet, or a companies internal intranet environment. They are accessed via a web browser.

There a some limitations to web applications, such as browser compatibility issues, but generally speaking the advantages of a web based application far outweight the cons.

Most new custom software is web-based.

The use of up-to-date internet technologies allows the development of visually striking, efficient, and easy to use applications.

We currently work in the following directions regarding web-based applications:

  • specialised applications for our customers
  • social network software development
  • entertaiment portals
  • banner networks
  • affiliate systems
  • ecommerce solutions
  • online examinations
  • broadcasting systems

We understand that not every customer needs custom CMS software . The majority of sites are not overly complexed and simply do not require it. Therefore we also offer web development for sites based on existing CMS and e-commerce applications. Our expert developers are able to assist with every stage of development, including template creation, new components or even modular customization of the CMS. We work with most popular CMS and eCommerce solutions, such as Joomla!, Typo3, WordPress, osCommerce, Magento and more.

Because of our in depth knowledge of modern content management systems, we are able to deliver quality sites in short turnaround times.

We can handle even the most complex requirements, such as the development and implementation of custom add-ons. Our developers stay up to date with Content Management Systems and e-commerce solution changes, and our intimate understanding of modern CMS API’s means that If an add-on can be theoretically implemented – we can do it.

Our analyst can even review your requirements and suggest the most appropriate CMS or e-commerce solution for the job.We can work to a provided design, or offer several unique concept designs for you to choose from.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries, or would like more information.