System Software and Integration

System software covers a wide range of applications that help users to perform special tasks like the automatic convertion of files from one format to another, or performing system backups according to schedule, etc.

Some of the projects we have been involved in are:

  • custom setup applications development
  • system service for converting files from one format to another
  • filesystem changes monitoring
  • automatic backups

Integrational Development.

It’s no secret that there is already a vast amount of high quality ready made web applications providing services like payment gateways and insurance services. Site owners can save a lot of money by using these ready made solutions instead of having a custom solution developed. Almost every software system we implement contains an integration of this kind.

It could be to take payments on-site, send sms messages or even receive mms.

We can deal with almost any service of this kind, and integrate it to a system developed.

We normally find that XML Webservices are the best suited to this type of application, but can work with any API the service providers offer.