Remote Administration and Support

Installation, general administering, optimization and hardening of any Unix, any Linux and any Windows family operating systems:

  • kernel tuning
  • firewall setup
  • block devices and file system tuning
  • basic anti DDOS protection

Servers monitoring

  • dedicated setup or using our shared NagiosĀ® installation
  • performance monitoring

DataBase server administration

  • OS level and DB storage specific optimization
  • query analysis
  • continious performance analysis

High performance web-server setup

  • Apache optimization
  • request proxying using nginx, haproxy
  • nginx + php-fpm setup

DNS server administration

  • fault tolerant master-master setup
  • geo support

Mail and XMPP server administration

  • virtual domains and users
  • SQL, LDAP backends
  • postfix, dovecot, spamassassin
  • ejabberd XMPP server setup

Server setup and software deployment automation

  • creating Puppet recipes for existing infrastructure
  • capistrano deployment recipes

Backup server setup

  • full and incremental backup
  • GPG encryption
  • service-aware snapshot hooks