Mobile Device Applications

The growth of technology continues to bring us new fields in which to apply our skills. One such relatively new market is the development of J2ME, SymbianOS, and Windows Mobile quality applications. Our mobile device applications development team deliver high quality applications that you will be proud to put your name on. A deep understanding of the differences involved between the full-featured computers and small mobile devices is key to the inherent stability and functionality found in our applications. We can also perform web application optimisation in order to obtain flawless interaction with mobile devices.

All modern mobile device browsers are compatible with standard web pages , however many companies have a lot of clients that regularly connect to their application via mobile devices . By optimising your application, we can reduce the amount of data transferred via the internet by up to 75%, greatly reducing load times for mobile users and easing the strain on your server.

Last time we started implementation of specific web-pages oriented for certain device types – HTML 5 development for iPhones and other modern devices.

Such an approach allows to lower the development cost and achieve good results in offline HTML 5 applications.