Debtors Management System

A lot of our applications work in the intranet environment and are used by blue chip corporations. One such system was created to handle information regarding a company’s debtors.  By gathering the required information from legacy accounting records, it allows personnel to keep track of monies received and outstanding amounts.

Additional functionality includes: data presentation, assigning  of actions to be performed, scheduling calls and meetings, logging of incoming calls, automatic mailing to the debtors, based on several parameters, automatic printing and sending of overdue letters via regular mail and sms sending.

The system incorporates advanced security mechanisms that allow highly configurable data access. Data made available to users varies according to position, role and granted permissions.

The application is multilingual and fully customizable through a built in admin interface. The reporting mechanism allows generation of both predefined, and custom reports.

Platform: JBoss, Seam Framework, RichFaces
Programming language: J2EE
Database: PostgreSQL (default), can be used any by plugging according database connector.