Cooperation models

Fixed Price

Our fixed price model can be utilised in all straight forward projects such as CMS sites creation, or where the client is able to provide specific details covering all aspects of the development.

Time And Materials

The time and materials model is more appropriate for projects that may require resolving a lot of unforeseen issues, such as when dealing with new technology or developing sophisticated solutions.

Dedicated Teams

In contrast to the fixed price, or time and materials approaches, We also offer a dedicated team approach for larger jobs,  whereby we form a team of developers that will work exclusively with the customer. The dedicated team approach provides more flexibility for the customer, and can be used in a variety of ways.

Mixed model

It is also possible to work within combinations of the above cooperation models.
For example, at the project elaboration phase we may agree to use Time and Materials model. During this phase our analysts and system architects will analyse the requirements, create a detailed specification, then develop visual and architectural prototypes of the software-to-be-developed. We can then create an exact estimation for the project or stage, and use fixed cost model for the next iteration(s).

After completion of testing and implementation into the working environment, our software is supported by complimentary bug elimination for a minimum of 6 months.