Leaders in Outsourcing Software Development

There is a little known secret in the software development industry that Ukranian developers/programmers are incredibly proficient, meticulous and detail-oriented.

Not only are they able to perform tasks radically quicker than those in other geographic regions, ZOLTECO prides itself on its arduous interview process that allows us to choose the best and the brightest.

On the other hand, it is no secret whatsoever that salaries in the Ukraine are lower then in strictly governed European nations.

These two major ingredients make ZOLTECO an irresistable choice to forge a partnership that yields an excellent and efficient work product that will fall within or well below your budgetary requirements.

Couple that with the Internet’s ability for all mankind to easily access and communicate across boundaries, borders, continents and oceans. For this reason, outsourcing has become an accepted worldwide standard, empowering you to accomplish just about any type of IT project or service you can imagine.

The Internet’s power and reach allows our team to begin your project at the earliest stages, easily participate in group discussions via Skype, while instantaneously coordinating integration of your latest changes in specifications so there is no lag or pause in the progress of your project.

Finally, the true underlying strength you’ll experience in partnering with ZOLTECO is how we have formed multiple teams within the orginzation. This allows us to remain flexible in shifting resources that offer you the best approach to your changing needs.

All of the above combines together into a “win-win” formula.

It is our mission to be right there with you during the entire creation process, delivery and beyond, keeping you informed every step of the way. We constantly remain open to new ideas and can think outside the box to generate new ones on our own.

Our dedication to stay tightly connected with every client relationship may give you the impression as if we are physically present within your organization. The only exception is that you don’t have to carry the risk of liability, administration and premium expense of on-site employees.

We truly believe that your project will meet its best outcome right here with us — in fact, that’s our goal right from the start!

I’m sure you would agree that now is the time to forge an empowering partnership that will advance your goals from the very moment you speak with us.

Aim high by scheduling a free project analysis with our Project Manager right now and receive a written report containing professional recommendations together with a no obligation quote.