Latest Projects

Affiliate Advertising System

A banner network system  is not just  the internal mechanism for presentation of ads and collection of statistics. Those are just a small integral part of the entire affiliate banner system. In order to be truly useful, a banner network system needs to provide detailed and accurate analytical data, such as the number of ad impressions, click rates, and commissions, which can then be used to determine the success of a given campaign as well as highlight any areas of the campaign that may need improvement.

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Billing Application

This billing application was designed  to allow a business  to efficiently maintain its sales ledger details, including client details, received payments and outstanding invoices. It is capable of creating recurring invoices of a fixed or calculated amount, and can also take into account different options the client may have including discounts.
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Debtors Management System

A lot of our applications work in the intranet environment and are used by blue chip corporations. One such system was created to handle information regarding a company’s debtors.  By gathering the required information from legacy accounting records, it allows personnel to keep track of monies received and outstanding amounts.
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Modelling Application

The ESN Support System is sophisticated software that was developed for a power supply company.

It automates the documentation of workflow by monitoring the current state of the power supply networks, aswell  as showing  graphical representations of each component of the entire power network, including the lines,  transformers, communication channels, etc.
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Customer Relations Management

Our Customer Relations Management (CRM) application offers tools for keeping track on all aspects of customer management. It allows a number of different characteristics to be assigned to each client, stores in all mail conversations in one place, as well as other important details such as offers made,  and the latest state of collaboration.
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E-Learning application

A set of online examination applications.The application allows simple maintenance of a list of students, and their studying process details. It assigns the exams and tests students are to pass as well as providing  a secure online environment for online examinations and tests. Each students exam results are then stored for the future reference, there is also support for pass rate analysis with several different formats of data print-out available. The application also includes multilingual user interfaces.

Children’s Entertainment Site

The children’s entertainment site is aimed to popularize reading among the pupils by organizing different contests and games around the books to be read. This is community site for children,  their teachers and parents. It includes a forum, discussion rooms, and a blog.
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Image Games

This portal is a community for amateure photographers around the world. By uploading photos directly from a mobile phone, users can participate in image based games and competitions.
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Photo Printing Order Management

This application is aimed at providing users an easy way to upload and order photoprints via an online service. It allows a user to upload the images they wish to have printed,  then specify details such as the number of prints required, size, and paper type.

The application then sends the uploaded images along with details of the order to the photo printing company.

Platform .NET 3.5, WPF, Multithread image thumbnailing

Survey Software

This survey software was developed for a customer who  wished to gather information from onsite visitors within a network of car showrooms. Utilising sophisticated logic, the software is able to present questions based on responses already received.

The application was set up on a number of tablet PC’s. After the interviews had been completed, all data was exported and sent to the central office for analysis.

Backup Solutions

The Backup Solution is complex application consisting of several separate components.
It operates both as standalone application for personal and enterprise use or as a part of a bigger project in cooperation with online backup services.
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Internet Radio

Many people all around the world listen to the internet radio these days. This  type of project consists of two parts:
1) The first part consists of providing information regarding the radio station,it’s schedule, DJ’s, announcements, and Links to the IP address to allow listeners to tune in.
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