Affiliate Advertising System

A banner network system  is not just  the internal mechanism for presentation of ads and collection of statistics. Those are just a small integral part of the entire affiliate banner system. In order to be truly useful, a banner network system needs to provide detailed and accurate analytical data, such as the number of ad impressions, click rates, and commissions, which can then be used to determine the success of a given campaign as well as highlight any areas of the campaign that may need improvement.

In order for this to be possible, each component of the banner system needs to be fully integrated and capable of properly sharing data. This approach delivers the ability to fine tune an advertising campaign and results in a far higher profitability of your campaigns. We implemented entire banner systems in a way that provides users with flexible and accurate data. The data is presented in different views, making analysis and keeping track on banner media performance  simple. Almost all information is presented in a graphical way, customizable widgets and tabular presentation.

The system allows the following ways of advertisements:

  • graphic and flash banners
  • sms advertisements
  • e-mailing
  • direct selling
  • (D)HTML ads
  • text ads

Because network load can differ significantly from one client to another, we implemented a distributed system that works on a number servers. These were configured to balance and optimise the network, and can be controlled to maintain stability and ensure optimum network performance.

Platform: PHP, MySQL
Visual Interface: PHP, Ext JS, Charting